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Camp Blog

November 17, 2009
6th day of Camp Blog 1B
Mimosa Clark, Pampanga

This day is the start in creating a blog. I choose to make a blog about my lessons in our ICT class entitled “ My techno journey”. My purpose is to share my experiences in encountering the said subject since I was in first year until now at the present. I would like to share all the knowledge I’ve earned from my ICT class. Thus, my aim is that my blog will serve as an ispiration as well as a guide for the students and also for the out of school youth. They can refer their lessons and other concerned matters regarding on ICT lessons in my blog. Moreover, teachers are all also benefited with this. They may not conduct a discussion but, instead just leave instruction to the student to refer in my blog as their guide.

November 18, 2009
7th day of Camp Blog 1B
Mimosa, Clark, Pampanga

Yeahy..!! We are now on the 7th day of Camp Blog 1B. In this day, Mr. Jose Torres taught us the different kinds of tools in blogging.Thus, exploring a blog using its different tool is very enjoyable. Before the day ends, I already familiarized some tools and I already knew its uses. What made my day colorful is that when I explore on “post” and “link” tool. I am having fun on posting anything like an articles, videos, pictures and etc. It is quite easy but sometimes makes me confuse. Actually it takes a quite long time for me to post because Im confused where to post. But I am excited to post something because everytime I post counts a lot. What I mean is that the more I post, the more is the content in my blog. By that, I feel so happy with my little own achievements through my own creativity and strategy. One more thing that made my day awesome Is that when I apply the application of link tool.Through the said application, the different blogs of my classmates in Camp Blog 1B Lab3 are linked in my blog.Well, it will be easy for me to access on their blog. I can’t deny the fact that me, myself is very lucky among millions of Filipino students.The oppurtunity given by the ischools to me makes me updated with digital technology.Through the Camp Blog, I learned many things, I can share educational informations to others and the most one is that I enjoy doing blogging not just for for my own sake but for everyone who will benefit with it..”<

November 19, 2009
8th day of Camp Blog 1B
Mimosa, Clark, Pampanga

Yeahy.” 4 more days to go, finally I can go back to Camiguin. Actually being here as one of the participants in Camp Blog is my most memorable experience in this year. I really like the accomodation her in Mimosa and most specially of its wonderful and awesome ground as well as its luxurious villas. As of now, I am enjoying making my blog yet getting noise bleed in thinking what to post next. Though blogging is enteresting to explore with, but due to my health condition, I am so bothered to do the different activities. I can’t conscentrate well in doing the activities because of my allergy in food. I can’t even eat well because food like chicken and egg can cause my allergy to exist. I can’t deny the fact that most of the foods that were served are those chicken and egg. I can’t enjoy eating with those delicious menus because of my health status.

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