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Web Designing November 21, 2009

Posted by breizle in Web Designing.
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Ooh..what an interesting lesson. It’s all about web designing or simply making a website. You know what, as our teacher announced that it will be our topic, I felt happy and excited to know it. I can’t explain my feelings knowing that through it I can make a website.  Ooh.Just imagine at my young age as a high school student, I can already make a website?. That is rarely amazing,right!?

As a third year student, I already know to create a website using Frontpage. Aside from that , I also learned how to edit some HTML codes. Then it really helps me a lot. The best part is that I applied the skills I have learned from our previous lessons in creating website. Just like using photoshop in making a nice header.

Instead of taking 1st periodical exam on TLE (ICT), what our teacher did was to let us make a website individually.Our output will be graded by our teacher and serve as a basis for our Periodical Grade.

I am so lucky that I was given an opportunity to know web designing. We have participated Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge which is sponsored by Smart.  All recipients of smartshool are qualified to join the competition. This is about research and web designing. Since, I have already stock knowledge about web designing, so it is now easy for me to do it. Do you want to view our focus study website? It is entitled MANTIGUE: A RESTORED PARADISE.




1. Rahul - November 25, 2009

Interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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