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As an ICT student November 21, 2009

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Since I was young, at the age of 10 (grade 4), I am really curious if what is really a computer, its usage and its importance. As early at that stage , I am getting curious of that stranger thing and keep on hoping that someday, may god will give me an opportunity to experience to hold the mouse of the computer as well as giving the opportunity to use it and know its usage. Actually at that time, we haven’t yet a computer set in our house while in school there is but limited in numbers wherein students are not allowed to used it.

As I enter my Secondary stage as a freshman, I felt an extreme happiness knowing that our TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) curriculum will be changed. Instead of the old curriculum, the new curriculum which is the Career Pathways and Livelihood Education was launched in our school. The process is better. All first year students were given a test in order to determine where field we belong — ICT, Drafting, Agriculture, or Home Economics. Wow!, Luckily I belong to ICT class. Ooh..what an unexplainable feeling of achieving a quite long ambition of mine. Not probably achieving it but this is now start of knowing and learning about it.

By now, at the age of 15 (third year), I have already got lot of knowledge about computer, its uses and its different useful and enjoyable software programs and applications. I really earned numerous benefits from it. It helps me a lot in many way. Thus, as what a saying goes “Share your blessings”, so this is it and I will.



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