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Adobe Photoshop November 20, 2009

Posted by breizle in Adobe Photoshop.
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At this point, we are now on 2nd grading period. Our topic is all about photo editing. We use adobe photoshop , a photo editing software program. We are taught with the different kinds of tools and some strategies how to edit and beautify a photo. You can make a magic on a picture. You can create fantastic background and objects. You can also replace and remove the background of your picture, and makes your skin flawless. That are just some of the tricks that can be possibly do. We can play and make miracles with everything we want in a picture. We can even create posters using adobe photoshop. In general we can create fancy things in a photo through our imagination using photoshop.

However, before editing a photo/picture, we must consider first the permission  granted by us when you use photos of others in editing. We must then respect their photos and be sure that it will not make a violent reaction with others.

In every activity, our teacher instructed us that all our outputs will be post on our respective blog.
Want to check mine?..Figure it out over blog pics. Click it.!

Do you want to learn more about photoshop?.  Do you want to become an expert photo editor.? If yes, then check this site for tutorialshttp://tutorialoutpost.com/ This site will really help you.



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