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MS Excel November 19, 2009

Posted by breizle in MS Excel.
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Hey!..You are now turning in my 3rd grading experiences.Let’s check it out.

In this grading period, our lesson is about MS Excel. MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. I find hard and difficult in this lesson. The advantage for this program is that when you gonna use tables in your document it will be easy for you to input and organize the data in every cell (column cell or row cell) since columns and rows are already default in the said software office. If your document needs calculation like grade sheets, then it will be easy for you to do calculate the grades of every student as well as in organizing the names alphabetically. You will just place formulas and commands inorder to follow your instructions.

One of the activity given by our teacher is to imitate the electric bill form .On that activity, I enjoyed doing it. Though merging of cells is confusing, but I still  did it. I come up with the correct format of the  electric bill form and I felt so happy with my achievement. I realized that everytime I/we encountered a new lesson, it will serve as a challenge,right?. Wherein everything really starts with trials and difficulties. Through our perseverance and commitment in order to know and  learn, triumph and victory is near possible to achieve.

Moreover, I found out also that MS Excel is very useful in accountancy. It will be easy for the accountant to manipulate and organize all their data whether it was already balance or not. Accountants and teachers are the most benefited with this software program. Though I’m not a teacher nor accountant, as a student(young learner), I could apply this lesson that i have earned in some of the school works like in creating projects and many more. You know what, at my young age, I learned it already. That is why at the end of the school year, some teachers would request me to help them in creating form (137). “aheah.”< It’s my pleasure to share my skill and help others. What a blessing isn’t it?.

Where to find MS EXCEL?.I have here a video on how to open Microsoft Excel. I got this from youtube.

We can also create a graph. Here is the sample!!.. Hope you will got it.



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