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Basic Encoding November 18, 2009

Posted by breizle in Basic Encoding.
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As we start our first day in ICT class, me and majority of my classmates are ignorant of what really a computer is. The truth is that I am afraid and felt nervous in turning on a computer and even holding the mouse. In our first lesson, our teacher taught us about what is a computer and the different kinds of computer. After his discussion, I learned that computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or “data.” It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data and we can use computer to type documents, send email, and surf the Internet. The different parts of computers are CPU (Central Processing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Screen, Floppy Drive, CD-ROM, Speakers, Headphone, Scanner, Digital Camera, Printer, CD-Drive and Projector. Then I found out that there are many type of computer like Personal Computers (PC), Analogue Computers, Hybrid Computers, Mainframe computers, Microcomputers, Desktops, Laptops,Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Minicomputers, Supercomputers, and Wearable Computers. After knowing all those things, doubts and fears were answered and eliminated already. I already familiarize the different parts of computer and its uses. So it was now a good beginning as the start of another lesson,isn’t it?

Then by the next days, we started to familiarize the different typing keys in a keyboard. In our first grading, we focused on basic encoding inorder for us to know how to encode text in a fast speed and high accuracy rate.We use the typing tutor software program in taking a lessons and test in different level.

After a few weeks, I already learned how to type using the proper finger to press in a specific key. As days go further, my speed and accuracy rate get higher and higher. Before the grading period ends, I already knew how to type. Since I already know, I can already apply the skill in making my projects and other matters in a fast way

I have here a sample video from youtube that will teach you the proper and basic ways of typing. Have fun. Hope you will learn something.


Our lesson for the entire 2nd grading period tackled about the environment of MS Word. Since we, the class already knew how to type so we will going to apply those skills in exploring Microsoft Word



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