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About my blog November 21, 2009

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My blog is designed for the students, out of school youths, as well as for the teachers. It contains about my experiences in encountering our ICT class. Tutorials and discussions of our previous and past lessons are included. My vision in my blog is to serve as an informative source and reliable guide for all concern people regarding on ICT lessons. For the students especially to the out of school youths, they will be benefited with this. Through surfing on my blog they could directly earn knowledge and it will easy for them to learn the different lessons. Hence, they are not just benefited with lot of informations but also their computer skills will be enhanced and developed. Furthermore, upon learning those lessons, they can earn money on it in applying the skills they earned. Moreover, for the teacher, it will be easy for them to teach their students in the particular lessons. Teachers don’t even need to discuss their lessons instead, just let their students refer to my blog.


As an ICT student November 21, 2009

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Since I was young, at the age of 10 (grade 4), I am really curious if what is really a computer, its usage and its importance. As early at that stage , I am getting curious of that stranger thing and keep on hoping that someday, may god will give me an opportunity to experience to hold the mouse of the computer as well as giving the opportunity to use it and know its usage. Actually at that time, we haven’t yet a computer set in our house while in school there is but limited in numbers wherein students are not allowed to used it.

As I enter my Secondary stage as a freshman, I felt an extreme happiness knowing that our TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) curriculum will be changed. Instead of the old curriculum, the new curriculum which is the Career Pathways and Livelihood Education was launched in our school. The process is better. All first year students were given a test in order to determine where field we belong — ICT, Drafting, Agriculture, or Home Economics. Wow!, Luckily I belong to ICT class. Ooh..what an unexplainable feeling of achieving a quite long ambition of mine. Not probably achieving it but this is now start of knowing and learning about it.

By now, at the age of 15 (third year), I have already got lot of knowledge about computer, its uses and its different useful and enjoyable software programs and applications. I really earned numerous benefits from it. It helps me a lot in many way. Thus, as what a saying goes “Share your blessings”, so this is it and I will.

Visual Basic November 21, 2009

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Uppzt.. Welcome to visual basic.. Presently our lesson is about programming using Visual Basic 6. It is really enjoyable. I almost done creating my simple arithmetic calculator and it ends a success.  Next is that we will create a simple  game software program. Though it is quite hard thinking of all those codes, but it is really enjoyable to learn with.

We use this site (http://vbtutor.net/01_xoops/index.php) as our reference in our lesson. Imagine that we are all classmates. That site contains step by step lessons. I am pretty sure, that  website is very informative and reliable source. It is very awesome and as I visit the site, it is easy for me to learn and understand. Try it..!..

Web Designing November 21, 2009

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Ooh..what an interesting lesson. It’s all about web designing or simply making a website. You know what, as our teacher announced that it will be our topic, I felt happy and excited to know it. I can’t explain my feelings knowing that through it I can make a website.  Ooh.Just imagine at my young age as a high school student, I can already make a website?. That is rarely amazing,right!?

As a third year student, I already know to create a website using Frontpage. Aside from that , I also learned how to edit some HTML codes. Then it really helps me a lot. The best part is that I applied the skills I have learned from our previous lessons in creating website. Just like using photoshop in making a nice header.

Instead of taking 1st periodical exam on TLE (ICT), what our teacher did was to let us make a website individually.Our output will be graded by our teacher and serve as a basis for our Periodical Grade.

I am so lucky that I was given an opportunity to know web designing. We have participated Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge which is sponsored by Smart.  All recipients of smartshool are qualified to join the competition. This is about research and web designing. Since, I have already stock knowledge about web designing, so it is now easy for me to do it. Do you want to view our focus study website? It is entitled MANTIGUE: A RESTORED PARADISE.


Database Programming November 20, 2009

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Database programming. We have tackled this lesson for two grading period because it is really difficult. It was so difficult for me to understand. I felt hard thinking how to create a database program. I can’t explain further in this particular lesson because even me I can’t understand it.

But hey, I am encouraging you guys to know about it. I believe that if you will try to explore, you will earn knowledge and ideas. Thus, your skills will be enhanced and develop.

This site help me figure it out. So come over here. Let’s take a ride going to the paradise learning site.

Adobe Photoshop November 20, 2009

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At this point, we are now on 2nd grading period. Our topic is all about photo editing. We use adobe photoshop , a photo editing software program. We are taught with the different kinds of tools and some strategies how to edit and beautify a photo. You can make a magic on a picture. You can create fantastic background and objects. You can also replace and remove the background of your picture, and makes your skin flawless. That are just some of the tricks that can be possibly do. We can play and make miracles with everything we want in a picture. We can even create posters using adobe photoshop. In general we can create fancy things in a photo through our imagination using photoshop.

However, before editing a photo/picture, we must consider first the permission  granted by us when you use photos of others in editing. We must then respect their photos and be sure that it will not make a violent reaction with others.

In every activity, our teacher instructed us that all our outputs will be post on our respective blog.
Want to check mine?..Figure it out over blog pics. Click it.!

Do you want to learn more about photoshop?.  Do you want to become an expert photo editor.? If yes, then check this site for tutorialshttp://tutorialoutpost.com/ This site will really help you.

Internet Exploration November 20, 2009

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I am now on Second Year. New start,New beginning, and new lesson to face off…

Our first lesson when I was still in Second year was exploration on the Internet. Our teacher explained what is a world wide web , Internet, and many more terminologies related on the topic. I discover that the World Wide Web (“WWW” or simply the “Web”) is a global information medium which users can read and write via computers connected to the Internet. The term is often mistakenly used as a synonym for the Internet itself, but the Web is a service that operates over the Internet, as e-mail does. As we know through the power of internet, fast communication and access of information can be benefited from it. We can send instant messages, pictures and many more application through emails, and other electronic program.

As a requirement for us ICT students, we are required to make a yahoo account. All the activities and assignments will be sent to the email address of our teacher. At his part, it will be easy for him to check our outputs by figuring it on his yahoo mail.

Yahoo Mail really helps me in many ways most especially in communicating someone far away from me.  But it have advantages and disadvantages in using it. Check it out.! But after the grading period, I already know how to explore in the Internet. I knew the different search techniques inorder to access accurate information in fast and efficient way.

Microsoft Powerpoint November 20, 2009

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Our lesson in fourth grading is about Powerpoint. We all know that Microsoft PowerPoint is a software product used to perform computer-based presentations. Powerpoint presentation can be use in teaching a class, introducing a product to sell, explaining an organizational structure, business proposal and etc. It is enjoyable to explore it using animations or transitions. Aside that the different slide designs, animations can add color to the presentation. Once we know about powerpoint, we can create a good presentation.

Learn more about MS Powerpoint
. This video from youtube will help you figure out how to explore on Powerpoint.

MS Excel November 19, 2009

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Hey!..You are now turning in my 3rd grading experiences.Let’s check it out.

In this grading period, our lesson is about MS Excel. MS Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. I find hard and difficult in this lesson. The advantage for this program is that when you gonna use tables in your document it will be easy for you to input and organize the data in every cell (column cell or row cell) since columns and rows are already default in the said software office. If your document needs calculation like grade sheets, then it will be easy for you to do calculate the grades of every student as well as in organizing the names alphabetically. You will just place formulas and commands inorder to follow your instructions.

One of the activity given by our teacher is to imitate the electric bill form .On that activity, I enjoyed doing it. Though merging of cells is confusing, but I still  did it. I come up with the correct format of the  electric bill form and I felt so happy with my achievement. I realized that everytime I/we encountered a new lesson, it will serve as a challenge,right?. Wherein everything really starts with trials and difficulties. Through our perseverance and commitment in order to know and  learn, triumph and victory is near possible to achieve.

Moreover, I found out also that MS Excel is very useful in accountancy. It will be easy for the accountant to manipulate and organize all their data whether it was already balance or not. Accountants and teachers are the most benefited with this software program. Though I’m not a teacher nor accountant, as a student(young learner), I could apply this lesson that i have earned in some of the school works like in creating projects and many more. You know what, at my young age, I learned it already. That is why at the end of the school year, some teachers would request me to help them in creating form (137). “aheah.”< It’s my pleasure to share my skill and help others. What a blessing isn’t it?.

Where to find MS EXCEL?.I have here a video on how to open Microsoft Excel. I got this from youtube.

We can also create a graph. Here is the sample!!.. Hope you will got it.

MS WORD November 19, 2009

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Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word-processing programs.Word processor programs primarily allow users to create and edit text documents. Typical use may include writing an essay or report, creating a resume, or writing notes. In addition, work can be presented in the form of inserted tables, diagrams or pictures.

Our second grading lesson is about Microsoft Word. As I remembered our teacher said that MS Word is used to create a document. In that particular file or data, we may enter, edit data just like inputing some text. Then after we create a document, we can save the contest and stored in the computer or other storage device. After saving it, we can access it anytime and the documents can be transformed into a hard copy through printing it.

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word-processing programs.Word processor programs primarily allow users to create and edit text documents. Typical use may include writing an essay or report, creating a resume, or writing notes. In addition, work can be presented in the form of inserted tables, diagrams or picture.

Here are some of the basic application in MS Word.

How to select and copy information

  • First open the document or file you wish to copy. Highlight the information (word, phrase or the whole article) by holding down the left button and drag the mouse until to the last letter of the word of the document.
  • Then point the cursor to the highlighted document then, click the right button and select copy.
  • Next is open the target word document then point the cursor to the place you wish to paste a certain
    copied document. Click the right button of the mouse
    and press paste.

Adding tables to a word document

  • Go to the pull down tables menu.
  • Select insert. Then choose the number of rows and columns you wish to insert in your word document.
  • After it, you may now insert the data/information you wish to place in a particular cell.You can always add another row to the bottom of your table using the Tab key. The new row will have the same format as the previous row.

Adding word art

Word Art is a text-styling feature that is available in the Microsoft Office suite of products. It allows users to create stylized text with various “special effects” such as textures, outlines, and many other manipulations that are not available through the standard font formatting.

  • To add word Art to a document select insert menu on the main toolbar and click word art. And this will show.


  • Select the text style you want and click. Then type the word or words to be styled and Press OK.

Adding hyperlink to a document

Hyperlink (HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a way of connecting a certain word, phrase, and even a sentence to another documents, website address and graphics. It is use to link to another address.

Microsoft Word allows the user to add a hyperlink.

  • Simply highlight the word you want to be linked.
  • Point the cursor to the highlighted word.
  • Click the right button then select hyperlink.
  • Then browse the file if it was saved in your pc or just simply put the URL of the file.